On this page, you can find an archive of products currently available to all reviewers in the network. We will do our best to keep this updated. To request ANY of the below products CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE REQUEST FORM

Pitbull Tactical: Pitbull Tactical offers their universal magazine carrier for reviewers. Their clever design allows you to use any magazine and wear the carrier IWB or OWB.

Ready Up GearCheck out readyupgear.com for a full list of their available products. Here are some I would like to highlight:

  • Ready Up Gear 16340 USB Rechargeable Batteries - 2 pack. These batteries replace traditional CR123A batteries in your common tactical flashlights but put out 3.7 volts instead of the 3 volts you get from a CR123a battery. This tends to drive higher lumen output from your flashlight AND has the convenience of being rechargeable via micro USB. (reviewer keeps product)
  • Ready Up Gear EarClip. This simple belt clip is designed for a convenient place to hand your earmuffs when at the range. An effective but simple magnet makes for quick in and out and trust me this is the range accessory you didn't know you needed. (reviewer keeps product)
  • Ready Up Gear Handgun Cleaning Kit. This 12 piece cleaning kit accommodates all the most common handgun calibers and has all brass brushes and jags. Also 2 brass slotted tips and 100 patches all in a nice zippered case that will easily fit in your range bag. (reviewer keeps product)
  • Ready Up Gear SoftSeal Gel Ear Pads. They come in 3 styles depending on what ear muffs you want to install them on. (reviewer keeps product on a case by case basis)
  • Ready Up Gear LaserDot. Caliber specific laser ammo type device for dry fire practice.

RangeTech Shot Timers: RangeTech shot timers are made in the US and are the most feature-rich timer while also being the most affordable on the market. Features include:

  • Works via BlueTooth with your mobile device. Big screen and easy to see and use.
  • Store and review all your shooting data for free on the RangeTech server if you wish.
  • Full integration with Practiscore
  • Reviewer may keep on a case by case basis

Mantis Technology Group: Mantis continues to innovate! Known for it's shooting diagnostic training system Mantis is leading in the space of shooting technology. Request:

  • Mantis X10 Elite System. The X10 brings recoil analysis, holster draw analysis, dynamic shooting, and support for archery to support the shooter's journey!
  • Mantis Laser Academy Standard or Portable training packages

Tyrant Designs: Tyrant Designs makes high quality aftermarket parts and accessories for your firearms. Below are products currently available to request for review. Request:

Arachni Grip: Available for you to request is their flagship product, the Slide Spider and their GunFighter Series Grips.

Glock E-Trainer: A dry fire tool to help you practice with a Glock without having to rack the slide to reset the trigger. Installs quickly without disassembly. The Glock E-Trainer. Affiliate program available so reviewers can earn commissions with links to the products.

ConcealedCarry.com Video Training Programs: Each of these video training programs is available via DVD or online streaming. You can request either/both. Affiliate program available so reviewers can earn commissions with links to the products.

Type 3 Malfunction Round: Think Dummy Round that but instead of causing a "Tap-Rack" malfunction it simulates a double feed or type 3 malfunction. A revolutionary product unlike anything else on the market. The ONLY way to simulate a type 3 malfunction during live fire. Reviews MUST link back to this page.

Mountain Man Medical: You can request the Yellowstone Kit for review but please note that by default reviewers will need to return the kit after the review. Exceptions will be made based on your audience size or if you have a unique content idea. If you are only open to doing the review if you get to keep the product please specify that desire when you make your request.

Second, Mountain Man Medical makes available for free to the public an online video-based training course called "Emergency Trauma Response." This course runs a total of about 1hr 45min and students who complete all the material and answer some questions receive a course completion certificate. I would encourage you to take the course (because it's free and good) and if you think its worth a review or mention that would be appreciated. https://www.mountainmanmedical.com/product/emergency-trauma-response-training-course/

EDC Belt CO: The foundation belt from EDC Belt CO is a revolution in Gun Belts. It is "only as stiff as it needs to be" and "only stiff where it needs to be." Affiliate program available so reviewers can earn commissions with links to the product.

Apex Tactical: Apex Tactical Specialties is known for making some of the best aftermarket triggers for handguns. Apex has generously opened up their entire product line for you. Request ANY product(s) on their website.

Legal Boundaries By State Law Book: From ConcealedCarry.com comes this guide that makes it easy and quick for travelers to navigate changing gun laws from state to state. Customers get free updates to the eBook for life. Available as a paperback as well. Click here to learn more. Affiliate program available so reviewers can earn commissions with links to the products.

Concealment Vests - IDPA Vests: Available in 3 styles and 3 colors these concealment vests do NOT shout "tactical" and in addition to offering comfortable concealment they are also popular among IDPA shooters for competition. Affiliate program available so reviewers can earn commissions with links to the products. https://www.concealedcarry.com/lp-idpa-concealed-carry-vests/

SSP Eyewear: You can request anything on the site at sspeyewear.com but let me specifically recommend the Chelan AST Kit or for those of you who wear reading glasses check out the Top Focal Kit which makes it much easier to focus on your sights and targets. This is a great product because you can do a dedicated review, but you can also mention or tag them in other gun reviews you do while wearing the glasses!

Crossbreed Holsters: Crossbreed will make available ANY Crossbreed product which includes their extensive line of holsters, mag carriers, belts and more. Their new "Reckoning Carry System" which consists of their Reckoning Holster and the Accomplice Mag Carrier is a favorite. Have a gun that is traditionally difficult to find a holster for? Try the Super Tuck from Crossbreed. Over 650 firearm with light/laser combinations available. When you request for review remember to indicate make/model of firearm and left or right-handed.

N8 Tactical: N8 has built its brand around famously comfortable IWB holsters. Reviewers can request any N8 Tactical Holster for review. When you request remember to indicate make/model of firearm and left or right-handed. https://n8tactical.com/

Diamond D Custom Leather: Out of the freedom-loving state of Alaska comes custom leather holsters from Diamond D Custom Leather. They are best known for their "Guide's Choice Leather Chest Holster" and they have agreed to make it available to reviewers but note it does need to be returned to the company or purchased at a discounted price (20% off) after the review. (link to more info). Exceptions might be made based on the size or value of your audience so feel free to make your case in your request.

Ogre Mfg Makers Of Enviroclean: Attached is a Product Information Sheet on the Enviroclean Gun Cleaner from Ogre Mfg. This is the wonder cleaner that won’t stink up the house when you clean your guns at the kitchen table.

Rock Island Armory/Armscor: When Rock Island Armory has new firearms available for review we will notify you via email.

Brave Response Holsters: Available via ConcealedCarry.com are the Brave Response Holsters. Available in 3 models: Original, Appendix, and VORN. When requesting specify which model and hand orientation. Reviews must link back to this page.

Elite Survival: 4 new products available for you to request! The Stealth SBR Rifle BackpackThe Hip Gunner Concealed Carry Fanny PackThe Sidewinder Slim Adaptive Molle Battle Belt, and the Tactical Rifle Scabbard. Some of these can ship right away while others may take a week or two to ship. Items valued over $100 MSRP must be returned after T&E w/ a provided prepaid label. Exceptions may be made at their discretion. Items valued at less than $100 may be kept by the reviewer.

LASRx: LASR is an industry-proven software that you can run from any internet-connected device (phone, tablet, computer) that works with any laser training device (SIRT, laser ammo, etc) to measure your shot times, accuracy, etc. The training opportunities and endless and the value is immeasurable. Reviews must link to this webpage which is also where you can learn more. The reviewer will be provided with a 30 day free trial to LASRx.

Vanquest: See below document with all the new Vanquest products available for review.  Items valued over $100 MSRP must be returned after T&E w/ a provided prepaid label. Exceptions may be made at their discretion. Items valued at less than $100 may be kept by the reviewer.

Mec-Gar Magazines: Looking for an awesome new Magazine? Try out a Mec-Gar Magazine! https://www.mec-gar.com/pistol-magazines

Hygenall LeadOff: A great line up of cleaning products specifically designed to remove lead. View the spec sheet for more detail below

TuffWriter: TuffWriter has a number of durable and high-quality pens. Popular for EDC among LE, Military, and the everyday armed citizen these pens will surprise you. Any reviewer can request any pen at www.tuffwriter.com that retails for less than $100. For products over $100 you need a minimum of 10,000 subscribers or otherwise by approval.

Black Beard Belts: Available to reviewers if the new Peacekeeper Gun Belt. Easily adjusted, SUPER Strong, comfortable nylon belt. Click here or see the below file for more details about the belt. When requesting please provide your PANT SIZE NOT YOUR BELT SIZE.

MKS Supply: MKS is the distributor for Hi Point and Inland Guns. They have different guns available from time to time. Right now you can request one of the Hi Point Pistol Caliber Carbines. Available in .380, 9mm, or 10mm. More info in the below attachment.

G2 Research: Newly available G2 Research is now shipping the Telos .45 ACP and .45LC rounds. They are machined from solid copper to create a huge internally segmented hollow-point projectile that upon impact with a soft/fluid target separates in a controlled reaction to release six individual copper fragments. See the attached press release for more detail. Looking for reviews on the ammo specifically as opposed to just having the ammo as product placement in a gun review.

AlumaGrips: brings back the Build-a-Grip line of AlumaGrips for T&E. We offer many different options for the 1911 format pistol, Berettas, and other firearms thru this feature on our website. In addition to reviewing the grips themselves, the idea is to experience and talk about the experience of custom building your grips on the website. So when you make this request please include your phone number and we will arrange a time for you to place your order (free of charge) with Chris Lynch at AlumaGrips. He will assist with the process and answer any questions you have. You will actually order custom grips to your specs, and Chris will get them made for you and they’re yours to keep after the review.

PigLube: Check out this clever new cleaning lubricant and cleaner from PigLube. Just reviewing this stand-alone isn't very interesting so we encourage reviews where you test PigLube head to head with competing products or you can include PigLube in photoshoots or other firearm reviews. Reviews must link to this page and that is also where you can learn more.