These terms outline the relationship between Midnight Ride Media and the participating influencers and vendors.


The relationship is meant to connect the influencer with relevant products that would be of interest to the reviewer’s audience. Clients of Midnight Ride Media make products available, based on their terms, for reviewers. Reviewers request products that interest them and their audience and commit to publishing an honest and sincere evaluation of that product in a timely manner.

Integrity of the Review & Influencer

To be clear, this client / reviewer relationship ONLY dictates the terms by which a product is provided to the reviewer but does not obligate the reviewer to publish a positive review or mention any specific product features. All reviewers are expected to maintain their full integrity as it relates to their voice, and their professional and personal opinions relative to the product. 

That said we recommend that in order to be fully compliant with various laws and regulations that reviewers disclaim their relationship with the product vendor. A potential disclaimer could be:

In full disclaimer %company name% provided me with this product for the purpose of testing and review. I do not receive compensation or have any other financial relationship with %company name%. I maintain that this review represents my most sincere and honest opinions of the product free of any bias.

Expectation of Clients

Clients have the right to expect some things of the reviewer. These expectations include:

  • An honest and legitimate review published on the website, publication, or channel where the reviewer promised.
  • That the review will be published in a reasonable amount of time. 60-90 days is generally a sufficient amount of time for any product to be tested and reviewed and for a review to be published on any medium though certainly, exceptions may exist, especially for the print medium. Regardless the reviewer needs to manage expectations and meet those expectations.
  • That the reviewer give the vendor the opportunity to address any concerns or product failures before a review is finalized. In other words, if a reviewer finds the product has major drawbacks or failures it is a professional courtesy to follow up with the vendor to see if the unit might be defective or if there might be a specific design reason why it was made that way. 
  • That the reviewer act within the terms the vendor has specified, specifically if the product is to be returned after the review is complete that the reviewer return it in a reasonable amount of time in accordance with the vendor’s return instructions.