We Do This Because We believe:

  • The best form of marketing is word of mouth
  • The best way to spread the word about a product is to have influencers who believe in your product talk about it for you
  • The best product should win in the marketplace

The brand Midnight Ride Media is named in memory of Paul Revere and his famous ride across the country side warning American colonials that the troops were coming to confiscate guns and munitions. We feel that single moment in American history embodies the spirit of the 2nd amendment while also serving as a prime example of how powerful it can be to work with a true influencer.

How Does This All Work?

Here at Midnight Ride Media we work with companies in the firearm and outdoor space who have products for sale. These, our clients, are interested in getting more people to try their products and spread the word.

We connect those companies and their products with online bloggers, reviewers, YouTubers, trainers, and other influential people online. We match each product with the target influencers that make sense based on the product’s target consumer.

So How Do You Get Started?

Are you a vendor/manufacturer/seller? Click here to fill out our intake form and we’ll be in touch soon!

Are you an online influencer who is looking for quality products and services that would be valuable to your audience? Click here to fill out the influencer application.