Are you an influencer in the firearm space? Why should you join our network?

With the Midnight Ride network, you set your terms, and we only send you the opportunities that fit your criteria. This means less clutter and more value.

The Value Proposition:

You have an audience, and you WANT to keep them engaged. Show them the best and most relevant products in the firearm and self-defense industry!

Our clients have the best and most relevant products in the firearm industry, and they are looking to engage your audience.

Win / Win? We think so. Our job is to connect you with those clients and products, and let you choose what you want to experience and share with your audience.

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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kinds of brands and products will I get access to?

Answer: We work with various companies in the firearm industry. Manufacturers of firearms, accessories, and more. The client list is always growing.

Question: Will I be compensated for reviews?

Answer: You can set the terms under which you are willing to accept a product for review, but the vast majority of the influencers in our network are just grateful to have the opportunity to get access to products that are relevant to their audience. A very, very small number of the influencers in our network have the size of audience and the demands on their time that, in our opinion, justify collecting a fee for doing a review. Ultimately, you may set your terms but please note that charging for reviews would make you the outlier not the norm and ultimately the vendors also get to set their terms as well as it relates to what influencers they want to work with.

Question: If I participate will I be able to choose the products I review or will I be obligated to take what is sent me?

Answer: You will be in full control. You set the parameters for what types of products you are interested in and we will only send you things that match. You can accept or reject anything we recommend.

Question: Is there any cost to join the influencer network?

Answer: No there is not.

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