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Do you make and/or sell products in the firearm and self-defense space? Want to get more eyeballs on your products and get live feedback from the most respected influencers and publications online?

At Midnight Ride Media we maintain a relationship with hundreds of the top influencers and publications in the space. The websites, magazines, YouTube channels, and social pages you HAVE HEARD OF and many you may not be familiar with.

Partnering with us means getting your products in front of your target customers while also receiving honest feedback and reviews from reputable people in the industry.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to provide products for free?

Answer: You set the terms. If you want to offer the product as a gift to reviewers you can do that. If you need to receive the product back after the review is completed that is up to you. Want to offer it at a discount should the reviewer want to purchase it after the review? That works too. You set the terms and the reviewers and influencers can take it or leave it.

Question: Do I have to pay for the reviews?

Answer: Each reviewer sets their own terms and you can take it or leave it. Most of them in our network don’t review products for the money but some of them have such high demand on their time that they do require reasonable payment for their time to test and evaluate a product. There is also a small fee paid to Midnight Ride Media for the connection made to the reviewer. More details on fees and pricing when we connect over the phone.

Question: Is there any regulation or legal concerns I should have?

Answer: When reviewers receive product from you (to keep or on loan) they have a legal and moral obligation to disclaim the extent of their relationship with their audience. We remind them of this obligation but ultimately that obligation rests with them. Beyond that, we are not aware of any legal concerns you should have but you can consult with an attorney for actual legal advice!

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